Our Team

Robb Dehney


Robb is a second-year student at the University of Virginia but he hails from Wilmington, Delaware. His favorite teams are the Phillies, 76ers, Tampa Bay Lightning (long story), and of course the 2018 Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles. His favorite set is 2006 Topps, and his prize possession is his 1995 SP Vladimir Guerrero gem mint autographed rookie card. When he isn’t ranting about the societal ill of tanking for draft picks he can be found elbow deep in a fish tank.


Jack Sheehy


Jack, a product of Mushroomtown, U.S.A. spends most of his days in the ATL attending Emory University. A die hard Yankees fan, he also roots for the Super Bowl winning Birds and all LaSalle College programs. His hobbies include golfing and working out at “The Club.” His top sports moments include the 2018 Super Bowl and the 2009 World Series. A decade later, he is still cheering on his guy Brett Gardner and the rest of the Bronx Bombers.

Karl Holler


Karl represents the West Point Black Knights but was born and raised in McLean, Virginia. He bleeds red and insists that this is due to his allegiance to the Washington Redskins. His favorite player is Ichiro, but at 6’5, he finds it easier to relate to Randy Johnson. Karl’s hobbies include tilting his head down to engage in conversation with average-sized humans and losing to Robb in All-Star Baseball 2001 on N64.

Matt Maloy


Matt is our resident Pittsburgh Panther and is proud to be a die hard Red Sox fan as well as a Packers and Flyers fan. Matt’s pride and joy is his Great Dane, Ralph, whom he has had for four years (which is longer than he has been a fan of any given NFL team). Aside from chanting “Hail to Pitt” at blowout ACC basketball losses to the U.V.A. Cavaliers, Matt is also a proud member of Beta Theta Pi fraternity and plans to major in finance.


Alex Zummo

Head of Analytics

Alex “Big Z” Zummo is a member of the Class of 2021 at the University of Virginia from Chesapeake, VA. He roots on all of the Wahoo sports teams as well as all of the pro teams in Pittsburgh. Hobbies include Viola, superb foosball defense, and engaging in memorable snowball shenanigans with Robb. He ensures that our analytics department runs smoothly and all of the mathy stuff works.